Giỏ hàng của bạn

HR Policies

At Anh Tin, human resources are always considered the most valuable asset. Building and training this team to be more and more solid in knowledge, good in skills and professional in job handling is the leading orientation in the current and future sustainable development strategy.

Therefore, the company is confident to bring a dynamic, professional and friendly working environment as a second home for its employees. The employee's capacity is recognized and evaluated objectively and properly in order to motivate and help employees to be aware of their own role in the development process of the whole enterprise.

At the same time, the human resource policy is always improved so that employees always work with the best compensation.

Work environment

Arrange a comfortable, cool and clean workplace.

Provide all necessary equipment and working facilities.

There is always support and guidance from superiors, the coordination of colleagues and related departments in the spirit for the common development of the Company.

Labor policy

Work 44 hours/week.

Holidays and vacations comply with the provisions of the Labor Code.

Plus 01 day of leave every 03 years working at the Company.

Female employees who are pregnant from the 7th month and raising children under 12 months old are entitled to 2 hours of rest/day.

Salary and bonus

Salary policy is built on the basis of assigned work and achieved results.

The level of income is commensurate with working capacity, efforts and contributions.

Various other bonuses: holiday bonus, Tet holiday and business performance...

Social insurance

Make deductions and payments for social insurance and health insurance for employees according to current regulations.

The maternity regime, occupational accident insurance, severance allowance in accordance with the provisions of law.

Allowances, benefits and compensation

Allowance: lunch, phone, petrol, business trip...

Tourism: Every year the Company organizes a vacation at home or abroad.

Periodic health check: organize a general health examination once a year.

Taking care of the material and spiritual life of employees:

- Organize internal exchange parties.

- Giving gifts to employees on holidays and Tet.

- Giving gifts to employees' children on International Children's Day; reward children with good achievements in study and sports.

- Visiting, filial piety: marriage, maternity, birthday, sickness, pregnancy allowance..

Training and developing

Regularly organize training courses on products, knowledge, skills, career development orientation...

Employees with development potential will be able to participate in intensive training sessions on leadership skills, management skills, etc.

Support time and finance for employees to have the opportunity to train and learn to develop personally and professionally.


At Anh Tin, solidarity and determination are the top criteria to constantly develop according to the vision and mission set out.
The Core Values is best described as a 5-blade propeller, expressing the spread, movement and unstoppable innovation towards a professional and dynamic working environment.
Building and training this team to be more and more solid in knowledge, good in skills and professional in job handling is the leading orientation in current and future development strategies.